Intro to ZBrush Part 3

Almost 8 hours of instruction and 70 videos!
Below are a handful of videos to get you started with Part 3, the rest you can find on the gumroad page. This chapter hits on all of the subjects I haven't touched on in part 1 and 2, so it covers a pretty broad range of topics, from ZModeler, drawing in ZBrush, nanomesh, array mesh, fiber mesh, and everything else in between! And just like in Part 2, there will be a bonus overview section on the making of the "Armor Reptile" creature on the cover for Part 3.

And of course, if you haven't watched Part 1 yet, they're free on my youtube channel / lumi 3D studios website / gumroad as well, 6 hours long and almost 50 videos. Enjoy!

001 Part 3 Intro

014 ZModeler Discussion

015 Intro to ZModeler

016 ZModeler Base Functionality

017 ZModeler Dynamic Subd and Crease

018 ZModeler Bevels

019 ZModeler More Functionality

020 ZModeler Example

032 Saving Camera Views

038 Spotlight Reference Modeling



Best buds

Best buds