Mechanical Skull Series

Three playlists here - click in the upper right corner to access the list of videos for each! The first one is 16 vids, 2 hours of ZBrush hard surface - dynamesh, hard surface brushes, splitting pieces off, refining, rebuilding, alphas, you know the drill! The second one is 19 vids, 90 minutes of Substance Painter - setup, auto UVs, baking, texturing, SSS, and IRAY! The third is 10 vids, 50 minutes of exporting from Painter into Marmoset, and the last video is how to export right into sketchfab. You can even download the game res in the video description for the painter stuff and follow along if you want!

You might have noticed some steps were skipped - the high res organic skull creation and the game res topology / uvs / Marmoset baking playlists you can find on the Marketplace if you're into that production-y stuff! 113 vids, 11 hours, full video list here:

Happy creating!!!

Mechanical Skull - Hard Surface 17 vids

Mechanical Skull - Substance Painter 20 vids

104 Mechanical Skull - Rendering 10 vids

Mechanical Skull

ZBrush models

ZBrush models