ZBrush 2019 Beta Breakdown

It's been a really bad-timing-hectic month, but I've got some ZBrush 2019 beta stuff! My 2019 What's New playlist will get done after I get back from GDC, but in the meantime here's a 30 minute demo of some new features, a timelapse, and some beta images. https://pixologic.com/my-licenses/subscription/

Also planning on getting "back to normal" with my livestreams and video uploads after GDC--I've been out of town, AND just finished up moving out of a place and into another as well, so hopefully I'll be a little more regular with my content!!

ZBrush 2019 Quick Demo

000 ZBrush 2019 Whats New

ZBrush 2019 New Features Sign Timelapse